[Marxism] ALP

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Feb 4 16:00:18 MST 2004

Bob Gould writes:
>Ferguson, for purposes of argument, paints a Groundhog Day scenario in
relation to the attitude of myself, and also for that matter, most left
wing trade unionists towards Laborism. Well, he can develop that
caricature as far as he likes. 

But it's true isn't it, Bob?  This happens every few years and the
outcome is always the same.  Moreover, the general trajectory of the ALP
is rightwards, so even a 'left lurch' leaves the ALP today well to the
right of the ALP of the 1970s.  

>The issue however, for serious marxists, is to get an audience amongst
the working class and progressive middle class.

This is, indeed, the question.  History indicates that the answer
requires something more than holding onto the capitalist ALP for dear
life and being pulled further and further right by it.

Instead of such time-wasting and parasitic activity, it is better to
stand on your own two feet and engage workers directly.  

Philip Ferguson

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