[Marxism] Re: Australian TCFUA and AMWU on tariffs

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Wed Feb 4 16:39:09 MST 2004

thanks to Nick for a very helpful post. He writes:

>>Without time for a detailed comparison I'd suggest that the AMWU is
coming from a somewhat more explicitly nationalist framework, though it's
"fair trade" info suggests that it puts more effort into educating its
members about trade and global poverty etc, albeit from a liberal
perspective. However in practice I'd suggest that the Victorian TCFUA shows
a more class struggle and internationalist approach than the national

I agree with that, though the relevant comparison is probably with the
Victorian branch of the AMWU, especially when Craig Johnston was leading
it. That would narrow the differences. Any remaining would reflect the
complexion of the industry as much as anything else.

I note the TCFUA statement refers first to "working with employers". QED.

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