[Marxism] green Ford Falcons

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 5 00:23:14 MST 2004

I was looking for images to put in a prospective presentation about The
Dirty War in Argentina.  I wanted a foto of a green Ford Falcon.  I was
taken aback by how many of these old cars are still around in
Argentina.  There is even a Ford Falcon car club in BA, with a slick
website <http://www.todofalcon.com.ar/>.  I find it kind of eery, as if
there is a residual nostalgia some Argentines reserve for those relics
of that "decisive" moment in history.  Here are just a couple of ads for
example.  Mar del Plata is not a poor part of the country.

1962  Ford  Falcon For Sale
No restoration, jus paint was made, never rust or crashed. 100% Original
interior from manufacturer, engine never repair, really runs good. To
give a idea: sparkplug cable never change since 1962!!!
Mileage: 100000 Km.
Engine: 170
Body Type: Sedan
Interior: Clear Green
Exterior: Clear Green
Make and offer and make this car yours!
$ 9,000 or make an offer
The car is in Mar del Plata, Argentina .
To see it www.decoleccionmdp.com.ar

vendo ford falcon deluxe 1975 original.unico dueño.jamas chocado.motor
,pintura y tapizados nuevos.
9000 pesos.
te 46326504

This following comes from a list where Argentineans argued about whether
to accept Ford Foundation money for IndyMedia meetings:

Here the name Ford is automatically associeted  to the last military
dictatorship (2); all the operatives of the army to kidnap, to torture
and to murder 30.000 people were carried out in Ford Falcon´s donated
directly from United States. Today, when crossing in the street with one
or those typical green Ford Falcon´s, you associates it with the
darkness of those times.


The foregoing suggests there must be some folks who don't share that
affinity for the Falcon expressed by its enthusiasts.

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