[Marxism] Taboo Questions

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Thu Feb 5 11:29:23 MST 2004

In my classes, as an extra-credit assignment, I ask the students for the
following: "With respect to any culture, any period of history, any
person(s) with real power, present a list of questions that would highly
likely result in your death and/or your career being totally destroyed
if posed."
Some of the responses I get are truly amazing. Of course this exercise
has many purposes and effects. It teaches them that the "permissible"
limits of questioning and analysis need not be explicitly spelled out by
the powers-that-be and are well understood and adhered to on a mass
level and particularly by whoring academics, journalists, politicos,
religious bodies etc. Why, for example, not one word about Skull and
Bones, the nature of the organization, its methods of recruitment,
agenda, provclivities, occult rituals, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism,
sexism, homophobia (yet homo-erotic rituals), felony thefts ("copping"
or "crooking"), associations etc--all of which speak directly to the
issue of the character--and fitness for access to nuclear codes and
warmaking capabilities--(e.g. Bush and Kerry) of those who would seek to
belong to it and be proud of membership in it?  
1) [Press Conference, Reich Chancellory, 1938] Mr. Hitler, you have
often written and talked about the "Aryan Ideal"--blond, blue-eyed,
tall, muscular, statuesque, etc--yet you are short, fat, overweight,
pasty and anemic looking, with dark hair and brown eyes. Shouldn't the
"Fuhrer" of a supposed  Aryan State look much more like the "Aryan
Ideal" than you appear to look like? Do your own physical features not
suggest that you yourself are some kind of "mongrel" racially and a
candidate for your own methods to deal with non-Aryans?
2) [Press Conference, Washington D.C. 1803] Mr. Jefferson, given that a
slave by definition is in no position to give truly free, informed and
voluntary consent to do anything requested to do, does that fact not
indicate that in addition to being a patent liar and hypocrite, your
sexual activities with Sally Hemmings also make you also a rapist? And
as a follow-up Mr. Jefferson, how could someone write all that flowery
and eloquent stuff you wrote in the Declaration of Independence and in
your letters and yet keep your own children and their mother in slavery?
3) [Press Conference, Washington, D.C. 2004] Mr. Bush, you continually
make a public point of--and trade on--your supposed "born-again"
Christianity. What kind of "Christian" is it that belongs to an occult
secret society, as you and Kerry both do, that engages in ritualistic
masturbation while laying naked in a coffin recounting one's supposed
sexual history, felony thefts/holdings of remains of deceased Natives
like Geronimo, patently racist rituals mocking victims like Abner Louima
and the brutality he suffered at the hands of NYPD, promotion of racist
eugenics and eugenics laws, graverobbing, Machiavellian schemes, covert
support of outright nazis--past and present--and all sorts of Satanic or
Satanic-like rituals?
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