[Marxism] Taboo Questions

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Thu Feb 5 13:47:51 MST 2004

Hi Mark,

My pleasure. By the way, we can also "steal" the questions and use them
in a book (I am working on one called "Taboo Questions"). Notice the
assignment does not direct anyone ideologically in the sense that they
can pick the historical time, culture and persons in power. It shows
that we all "instictively" know the limits without having to be
explicitly told what they are; like a child putting his/her hand on a
hot stove, they generally do it only once. Similarly, the journalists
know well what happens to th elikes of an I.F. Stone or a George Seldes
as the academics know what happens to the real "heterodoxers" when they
cross the understood lines of "permissibility."

Thanks so much,


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I'm going to steal that assignment in the most undisguised way and use a
version of it in my classes.  Excellent work.


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