[Marxism] Michelle O'Neil resolution on tariffs & related

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Feb 5 21:42:02 MST 2004

I have been faxed Michelle O’Neil’s motion to the Labor Party conference.
It doesn't change my mind. It’s fairly long but here is a summary:

>>TCF tariffs will be held at current levels pending a review by a Labor
government. In the mean time, Labor will oppose tariff reductions. The
review will be undertaken by a panel including employer and union
representations. The review must take into account tariff and non-tariff
barriers practised by our trading partners and likely social impact of
further tariff reductions. The Labour Adjustment Program is to be
reintroduced. Strategic Investment Program (SIP) is to be continued at
current levels. Pursue improved market access for Australian TCF exporters.
Establish a TCF I ndustry Council to focus on creating employment and
development in the TCF sector. Legislation to help outworkers.<<

A couple of notes: The federal government’s Strategic Investment Program
provides funds to TCF companies on the basis of value adding, investment
and research & development. I don’t know what the TCF Industry Council
would be like, but experience suggests a tripartite body involving unions,
government and companies. That was how Labor’s Australian Manufacturing
Council used to work. Of course I support legislation for outworkers, but
that's a separate issue to the rest.

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