[Marxism] Free Love Now!

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 6 01:13:45 MST 2004

I recently corresponded with a guy who is going through a divorce.  He
married a woman from Communist Poland who seems to be pillaging their
collective trove, including the kids.  He became very depressed.  He was
an independent headhunter for computer businesses.  He lost work, lost
accounts, and now gets no calls and goes out on none.  He lives in one
room in an empty house that is being repossessed in March.  He is
flailing around, trying to make sense of things—when he bothers to get
out of bed.  He’s never had a Marxist analysis, being the son of
immigrants to Canada from Eastern Europe—people whom “proper Canadians”
called “DPs.”  In many cases that meant that they were simply refugees,
but in many cases it also meant that they fled Communism as much as a
war-torn homeland.  His wife was a doctor in Poland.  After many years
she was able to get work in some medical field.  She became less
subservient, and ultimately independent.  Now he blames women’s lib.  I
wrote back:

To blame women’s lib for social disintegration is to ignore who profits
most from women’s lib.  When Germaine Greer first hit the headlines,
female workers made 69¢ to every dollar earned by a male.  Industrial
automation, however, provided the means for more women to work.  Upper
body strength was no longer such a selling point when a pushed button
could lift tons.  More women entered the workforce.  The ideology went
in tandem with the economic necessity (under capitalism).  It’s the same
drive for lower costs of labor that now propel corporations overseas for
cheaper workers.  Women had already been socialized into the ideal
consumers, and they were increasingly granted more independent means to
consume.  Their children followed.  To this day women in North America
make less than men in all levels of economic activity (except women's
sports, and maybe sexual prostitution).  Thirty years after the “burning
of the bra”, a woman’s pay relative to a man’s has advanced about one
thin dime on the dollar.  But more women work not because they want to
but because they have to.  Once the middle class household boasted a
male beadwinner/father and a housewife/mother –and two and a half kids.
Most middle class families can’t get by today without the female’s
economic input.

Our society should stop being irresponsible and look to its own.  We
should question the exaltation of that dyadic reproductive unit
venerated as the "family" and worry more about people in general, people
of all ages and sexes.  The traditional nuclear family is used to
buttress the status quo, yet the far more ancient extended family has
been abandoned.  Why is this so?  Does the severance of our connections
and the reduction of who is included in some way advance any interests?

Families crack and split from consumerist pressures and the
individualism inculcated by the dominant culture, a culture
characterized by bloody violence, sexual exploitation, immediate if not
speedier sensual gratification, and the absence of thought.  It sells.

We are victims of our times, my friend, and a senseless socioeconomic
monster that values profit over people, and profits from social
alienation.  We need more liberation, not less.  Instead we are being
played off against each other.

We need to get it

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