[Marxism] The Anecdote

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 6 01:42:56 MST 2004

I wax so weary from hearing anecdotal testimonials from somebody’s
friend of a friend’s uncle’s wife’s stepson who witnessed firsthand back
in their very own country the atrocities of enemies of the status quo of
the United States.  They're usually quite emotional, almost
overpowering, with the conduit feeling insurmountable on their moral
high ground.  Examples hail from Hungary, came from Cuba, or in from
Iran.  The sorts of examples from other lands we in norteamerica have
encountered since the advent of the Cold War are very rarely
representatives of the general population from whence they arrove.  I
would make a slight distinction: the closer their country to the US, the
better representative these people might be, as long as its not a
socialist state.

Think of the type of people who come to the USA.  Mexicans make up the
greatest number.  The Mexican masses are generally the poor looking for
better-paid work, like most Mexicans in Mexico.  Indians from India are
just as poor and there are millions more of them, yet the comparatively
few Indians who migrate to North America are generally not poor.  They
are from the merchant castes or are academics and professionals.  The
Vietnamese who came to California were never the Communists yet the
Communists won the war there.  Cubans who moved to Florida since the
Revolution are generally the well-off, whiter variety.  Iranian refugees
who fled to New York after the overthrow of the US-supported Shah were
all the better-off, connected with the old regime, or opposed to the

Outspoken champions of brutalized relatives or family acquaintances feel
free in the United States to loudly denounce the enemies of the United
States.  They speak the truth, as someone told them—an eyewitness, so a
self-declared eyewitness asserts.  He was only a policeman in Tehran.
He was a hardworking farmer; the Communists stole his land, his house,
his animals, his trucks, his tractors, his combine, his dairy, his cars,
etc.  Her husband was just a simple soldier in the ARVN.  His cousin was
kidnapped by the FARC; those bloody extortionists knew he came from a
wealthy family!

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