[Marxism] Québec = California

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 6 02:11:08 MST 2004

The Walmart unionization struggle in Québec is directly related to the
Southern California supermarket strike away across the continent.  The
supermarkets are stripping their workers of health and other benefits
and say they must because of competition from superbox stores like
Walmart. Walmart is able to sell its wares at cheaper prices because it
pays its workers less and gives them hardly any benefits.

Business unionism is castrated, cornered and co-opted.  Why can't they
unionize Walmarts? Why has union membership dropped to all-time lows?
Mainly because unions fail the solidarity test.

They won't back workers who aren't represented in their individual
bargaining units per contractual obligation.  To do otherwise would
allow the government, which favors capital, to take away their funds
from financial investments and banks.  All kinds of reserve instruments
are bound into these savings and investments that benefit working
workers.  That's why Northern Californian supermarket workers who work
in the very same stores won't support Southern California supermarket
workers with slowdowns or sickouts, let alone walkouts.  That's why
other unions in the supermarkets won't back up the ones on strike.

Those workers not on strike should surround the nearest Walmart and
close it down until it allows a union to be the first in across the
picket line.  No trucks in, no trucks out.  No cars into the parking
lots.  No transaction without representation.  That's a strike.

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