[Marxism] Weather forecast on Argentina-"creditors" match

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Fri Feb 6 06:55:33 MST 2004

If I sense the probabilities adequately, there is a 70% chance that 
Argentina decides on a "OK, you don't like this then we go ahead 
alone" path.  Strength of hearsay about a firm decission not move an 
inch behind the current position in the highest Govm"t level has 
turned hearsay to credible rumor.  Govm't seems to be preparing mass 
demonstrations against the pressure from the financial lobby.  

Sectors of Govm"t are organizing to fight -on a popular mobilisation 
basis- against those sectors which try to reprivatize the utilities, 
etc., once the current "privatizations" (to be true, prizes to 
foreign capital and States) are revised. The Post Office may be the 
leading case. Others will follow, oil in the first place.

Somehow or other, the 19/20 Dec, 2001 mobilisations are pushing the 
situation ahead. With a little help from our stolid "creditors", it 
would not be impossible that the President sends the Debt issue to 
Congress, where with a simple wink from one of his eyes (he has a 
queer squint, so he may wink to two different sides at the same 
time!) he can unleash a deadly Parliamentary investigation of the 
Foreign Debt.

If I were the "creditors" I would rather remain quietly waiting for 
the over-generous offer that the Argentinean petty-bourgeois 
nationalist government has made. I have a feeling (of course I may be 
wrong) that Kirchner will stand firmly any pressure and will advance 
up to where many (me included) did not imagine a year ago.

It looks like the old mole is digging frantically in Argentina these 

Mass demonstrations, in Argentina, are a dangerous thing.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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Simón Bolívar al gobierno secesionista y disgregador de 
Buenos Aires, 1822
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