[Marxism] Re.: Marx was right?

Ken Ranney kranney at rogers.com
Fri Feb 6 12:28:22 MST 2004

To Chris Brady, who asks “What are you getting at?”

I must confess that I am leading up to making a suggestion which has been 
condemned by Marxists of my acquaintance.  But before I bring it out of the 
closet, I want to take issue with a classic Marxist axiom–the class 
struggle.  I do not believe that, as the world is presently constituted, 
the working class will bring about socialism.  The fact that the working 
class has not, to this day, overcome capitalism is not essential to my 
argument.  Well-placed workers in Canada have formed themselves into unions 
such as the Canadian Auto Workers, who make so much money that some have 
transformed themselves into capitalists, owning apartment buildings, 
etc.  Poorly-placed workers have neither unions nor any vehicle for 
bringing about social change.

 From the closet: I suggest that the best method of eliminating capitalism 
is to give the ownership of the corporations to their workers.  Each 
worker, in this plan, would have one non-saleable voting share in her/his 
company, to be surrendered if s/he leaves the company.  The workers would 
elect their own management.  Through worker ownership, the mass media would 
be freed from capitalist control.  The release of news more closely 
approximating the truth regarding the horrors of the world, would, it is 
hoped, lead to mobilization of the compassion in all of us, and eventually 
to a just society, though for the foreseeable future we would still suffer 
the evil effects of the market and of money.

For worker ownership to take place, a government would have to be elected 
with a mandate to appropriate the corporations and hand them over to their 
workers.  It is hard to understand why a political party which promised 
ownership to the workers would not have a reasonable chance of being 
elected even in the face of frenetic opposition from the capitalist 
media.  The possibility that the rich and powerful would revolt must be 
considered, and it is, arguably, a certainty.

Would Marx approve?  Do you approve?

Ken Ranney

At 04:01 PM 2/4/2004 -0800, Chris Brady wrote:
>Kind of a contrived, or leading question, Ken:
>"Because Marx was right about some things, does that mean that we should
>blindly follow all of his ideas?"
>What are you getting at?
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