[Marxism] Re.: Marx was right?

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 6 15:19:07 MST 2004

I appreciate your motives, Ken.  And I welcome creativity and
originality in the struggle for social and economic justice.  But I
remain unconvinced of the feasibility of your strategy.  I am reminded
of the checkout cashiers in Walmart who are called “associates,” or the
workers in some other retail megastores who sport name plates that
advertise they work in an “employee owned” company.  I find it ironic.
Your idea also seems to dodge the issue of private property.  Would the
point still be for a worker-owned corporate entity to amass increasing
amounts of capital in a competitive market?  Would a General Motors run
by the votes of its workers oppose the workers in the Honda
corporation?  Would the workers of a successful corporation triumph over
the workers of a failing one?  Would they prioritize use over profit?
Such workers reside in many different states.  How would their national
interests be resolved?  An IWW philosophy might be more inclusive, but
that still cannot deal with the state.

Production and distribution should be democratized, surely.  As you
mention, the capitalist class resists any move in that direction,
ultimately with violence--the means by which captial was accumulated to
start with (please read just the last 70 pages of Volume I of
Capital--it's a trip, an easy go, and a real eye-opener!).  The class
that is opposed to the capitalist class is the class that is exploited
by it, namely the working class.  The working class can be categorized
as well as the general population, at least as far as the majority is
considered, and as well as the common interests of humanity.  Worker
control is what you propose, and I don’t think that is contrary to
Marxism.  But worker control in general will get cut down at every
chance until it is manifested from the top-down *as well as* the
bottom-up.  That means that the state has to be secured as well as the
worksite, and all society revolutionized to serve itself instead of

We now recognize that the capitalist system is globalized.  Our goal
should likewise be international.  Exceptions introduce openings for
recidivism, i.e., the buying of workers with advantages, and the
reintroduction of competitive inequality.  International socialist
revolution is in the general interest of humanity.  The mass movement of
the working class seems to be the only force capable of opposition to
capitalism.  However, your notion of actually re-introducing the concept
of worker interest is a decisive foundation.  Don’t limit yourself now:

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