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  Thanks to Fred Feldman for making me aware of this article and the  
Benny Morris Interview.

FF> In anticipation of the publication of the revised edition, Morris was
FF> interviewed in Haaretz
FF> (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/380986.html, Hebrew original at
FF> http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/objects/pages/PrintArticle.jhtml?item
FF> N o=380119).

  The text is no longer available at that address; but you might look  


  It should also be noted, just of the sake of completeness, that  
Benny Morris has issued a statement after the interview was published  
and tried to embellish somewhat his stance, from where I quote this  

--------- schnipp -----------------------------------------
The compression of the seven hours of my interview with Ari Shavit
into two pages did not do me justice, at least in terms of the tone.
>From a whole range of statements on different issues, the harshest
ones were chosen, sometimes without nuances or qualifications. I
admit, I slipped here and there - I do not support and did not support
the extermination of the Indians, and I regret the use of the word
------------------ schnapp --------------------------------

  But on the fundamental issues he still stands on "its either us or  

  You can read it in full here:

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