[Marxism] Bush goes cosmic III: "I was able to step back from religion, because I have a job to do"

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Fri Feb 6 21:15:08 MST 2004

1. "I don't bring God into my life to be a political person; I ask God for
strength and guidance; I ask God to help me be a better decision. The
decision about war and peace is a decision I made based upon what I thought
were the best interests of the American people. I was able to step back from
religion, because I have a job to do. And I, on bended knee to the good
Lord, asked Him to help me to do my job in a way that that's wise."

- US President George W. Bush, talking with NBC's Nightly News anchorman Tom
Brokaw after he toured the Lima Army Tank Plant in Lima, Ohio, April 24,

2. "We need to see and examine and touch for ourselves, and only human
beings are capable of adapting to the inevitable uncertainties posed by
space flight"  - US President George W. Bush, election speech at NASA,
Florida, 15 January 2004.

3. "The only reason why Christianity wanted to free us from the domination
of the flesh and "desires as a driving force" was because it regarded our
flesh, our desires as something foreign to us; it wanted to free us from
determination by nature only because it regarded our own nature as not
belonging to us. For if I myself am not nature, if my natural desires, my
whole natural character, do not belong to myself - and this is the doctrine
of Christianity - then all determination by nature - whether due to my own
natural character or to what is known as external nature - seems to me a
determination by something foreign, a fetter, compulsion used against me,
heteronomy as opposed to autonomy of the spirit. Stirner accepts this
Christian dialectic without examining it and then applies it to our spirit.
Incidentally, Christianity has indeed never succeeded in freeing us from the
domination of desires, even in that juste milieu sense foisted on it by
Saint Max; it does not go beyond mere moral injunctions, which remain
ineffective in real life. Stirner takes moral injunctions for real deeds and
supplements them with the further categorical imperative: "We should indeed
possess spirit, but spirit should not possess us" - and consequently all his
egoism in agreement with itself is reduced "on closer examination", as Hegel
would say, to a moral philosophy that is as delightful as it is edifying and
contemplative" - Karl Marx, The German Ideology.

Put your head between your knees

and breathe real deep
Let it in, let it out
Till it's over.

I might scribble, I might scrawl
I might claw at the wall
I might storm and rage and thunder
Oh Christ, but then later
In the incinerator
Something inside seems to fall asunder.

I need to scream every now and again
Try to understand it's only me
Not only cripples have a need for crutches
And if they, ever take, you away, from me........I'd

Fall down - fall down and lie still
Fall down - moving in for the kill
Fall down - putting several boots in
Lie helpless, God help us
Our heads up, we'll scream.

Put your head between your knees

and breathe real deep
Let it in, let it out
Until it's over.

- "Fall down" by Bob Geldof, from the Boomtown Rats album "Mondo Bongo".

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