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Fri Feb 6 22:54:48 MST 2004

Did anyone else notice Chomsky's allusion to voting for the democratic 

I'm not too surprised he would say something like that, really.  He's at his 
best when exposing empirically the inconsistencies of our govt.  But when it 
comes to developing a program or a guide for action. . .well, he leaves little 
to be desired, just a few vague references and platitudes regarding democratic 

In reality, voting for the democratic candidate--which appears to be Kerry at 
the moment, the man who backed the illegal invasion of Iraq and voted for the 
Patriot Act--means validating and thus legitimizing the democratic faction of 
imperialism.  It means tailing people like John Kerry and Bill Clinton (whom 
Kerry himself deeply admires!)--two of the biggest neo-liberals [read 
imperialists] alive!  This is not like voting for either the Social Democrats or the 
National Socialist Party in pre-fascist Germany; his analysis is faulty and 
leads him to "hold his nose" and cast a vote for Empire.  This will not do!

Ah, the poverty of the Academic Left!  Alas!  The time has come for new youth 
and students to seize the helm!

Fraternally yours,
Richard Moreno
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