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MP>> I have recently submitted my doctoral thesis on the work of
MP>> Jurgen Habermas "The Myth of Reason" that examines the critical
MP>> practice of Habermas's work in terms of its response to the
MP>> emergence of the Neo-Nietzschean school (Foucault, Derrida) in
MP>> the socio-political context of West Germany in the 1970s.<<
JGP> Dear Matthew and List,
JGP>         Perhaps the new subscribers (and some of the old ones)
JGP> should take pity on those of us outside academia and provide
JGP> appropriate translations or explanations when such subjects are
JGP> broached. For example, Neo I've heard about --he hacked the Matrix--
JGP> and I actually remember West Germany, but I've got no clue what else
JGP> Matthew is talking about here.

  What do you think I make of references made on this list to anything  
which is peculiar to the USA, and only accessible there, like  
particular TV-Shows, people, habits?

  Most of it is really strange to me, and to most subscribers from  
outside the USA. Why not once a reference which US-people do not  
understand fully?

Comradely yours,
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