[Marxism] A capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with -- Lenin

Lance Murdoch marxism-l at lancemurdoch.org
Sat Feb 7 11:25:44 MST 2004


If one man sits at the nuclear fulcrum of the three countries President
Bush calls the "axis of evil," it may well be Abdul Qadeer Khan.

The 66-year-old metallurgist is considered the father of Pakistan's
nuclear bomb. He is a national hero at home, where hospitals bear his name
and children sing his praises. U.S. and other Western officials do not.
They say Khan is the only scientist known to be linked to the alleged
efforts of North Korea, Iraq and Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

"If the international community had a proliferation most-wanted list, A.
Q. Khan would be most wanted on the list," said Robert J. Einhorn, who was
assistant secretary of State for nonproliferation in the Clinton


Khan has proudly recounted how his team procured key components openly
from Western companies that were willing to help... Khan said in an
interview with Pakistan's Defense Journal that Western governments tried
to prevent his nation from developing nuclear weapons but were foiled by
the greed of their own companies.

"Many suppliers approached us with the details of the machinery and with
figures and numbers of instruments and materials," he said. "They begged
us to purchase their goods."

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