[Marxism] The economy in the Gaza Strip - some recent facts

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Sat Feb 7 13:24:38 MST 2004

- 40,000 Palestinian workers were going to work in Israel, prior to the
Intifada, now it's down to 10,000

- 210,000 jobs were lost by Palestinians since the Intifada began for an
independent Palestinian homeland free from continual border transgressions
by Israel.

- General unemployment is now more than 60% of adults in the Gaza Strip.

- Whereas in 2000, one worker supported four people in the West Bank,  and
worker supported six people in the Gaza Strip, the ratios are now seven and
nine respectively (average household size = 6 per household)

- The ratio of the total population to the number of people employed, has
climbed by more than 50% since the Intifada.

- About 80% of the 1.3 million population are living below the poverty line.

- Israeli restrictions on the movement of Palestinians and raw materials in
and out of the Gaza Strip, prevent business growth.

- In agriculture, a lot of workers lost their jobs due to Israeli
destruction of wells, farms, and

- Production capacity within all sectors of the Gaza Strip has dropped by

- The investment rate during the last three years has decreased by about

- Public sector employment keeps the Gaza economy from collapsing.


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