[Marxism] To Tony Abdo

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 15:53:28 MST 2004

Lou, you and others want to paint me as hostile to marxism and/ or hostile 
to this list.    But that is far from the truth.     I am a marxist and find 
that your list is the best place to get info, find debate, and participate 
in it.    I merely want some personal space to not be flamed when I post my 
opinions, or others do so.     No matter how backward, ignorant, or wrong 
you or others may think them to be.    It's not really so much to sak, I 
don't think.

Why not stop seeing in me some sort of hostile opponent?   If you were not 
(along with others) trying to label me as ultraleft, a nut, somebody with 
obsessions and other personal problems, etc..... then maybe my tone would be 
less defensive.    You and others are perceiving my comments as being 
personally hostile (and politically hostile), when they are not.    And you 
are responding with extreme nastiness.

This DOES very much remind me of the old SWP environment.      I might not 
have been inside that organiztion for so many years, but I was very much 
working alongside of it, for a much longer period of time.    This, you 
might not know?     And the only reason that this co-work stopped was due to 
the more and more outlandish withdrawal from real political work of the SWP 
in the '80s.   I was a good rank and filer and a good sympathizer and got 
burned as so many other did.

I didn't get expelled from the SWP.     I was more or less given the same 
sort fo plea, like you are doing with me this sec, that I 'voluntarily' 
leave.    And it was coupled with threats to expel me if I opened my mouth 
in certain ways, same as you threatened if I posted to the theme of Green 
Party again.    My crime was ridiculing the "Turn to the Working Class".

You knoiw what?     It was good that I left then, because if I had tried to 
defend the bullshit coming down, then it would have turned me away from 
socialism altogether.     And you know what?    I think that your list is a 
better place with most of the people intact and not threatened.    You do 
your own list a disservice when you get too motivated to micromanage it by 
trying to get all cleaned up and pure, so to speak.    Here's hoping that 
you relax some, and hoping that you let me relax, too.    After all, my 
latest post raised some interesting points, did it not?    Why not just 
allow them to be discussed some?    It won't do any harm, not to you, nor 
world communism.

So to reiterate, YES, I do find the list to be a good place "simply to 
exchange ideas".    Now let me do so without threatening me.    I am not 
trying to tear down or idsparage marxist theory in some underhanded manner.

Wishing you the best...   I doubt that you believe me on this, but still it 
is true.

Comradely, Tony Abdo

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Subject :  [Marxism] To Tony Abdo

Tony Abdo wrote:
    "Shouldn't you be at the plant gate selling newspapers?"    One can see 
that if that were to be the case, then a marxist might not enjoy the best of 
life styles.    So this Stakhanovist workerist mentality in marxist circles 
(and it is a deep layer indeed) works to push wannabe commies and liberal 
minded thinkers away.    I see often on this list, a kind of intellectualed 
version of this plant-gate Stakhanovist thinking.

Tony, I want to urge you in the strongest possible terms to leave this email 
list immediately. Leaving aside the question of your absurd 
mischaracterization of Marxmail as encouraging "Stakhanovist thinking", 
there is no purpose being served if you feel this way. Marxmail is organized 
on a far more voluntary basis than a Marxist-Leninist sect. Nobody forces 
you to sell newspapers or contribute money. In fact when people offered in 
the past to help out financially, I told them it was not necessary. In the 
back of my mind--frankly--was the worry that this might lead to a 
misunderstanding of our purpose. We are not here to organize a revolutionary 
party, but simply to exchange ideas. If you (or anybody else) does not feel 
that purpose is being served, you should exercise your freedom of 
association and go somewhere else.

Louis Proyect
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