[Marxism] To Tony Abdo

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 16:39:34 MST 2004

Lou, I reread my comments.    And I definitely came off more caustic than I 
wanted to.    I definitely did not mean my points to be a bashing of anybody 
(since I am tired of bashing in general), though after rereading it, it 
definitely was semi-belligerent in tone.     My apologies if I offended  

Someimes one let's there emotions out inadvertently on the internet without 
meaning to.     I dreamed this comment almost in my sleep, went to sleep, 
and then woke up and wrote it.    Should have put it off in a file somewhere 
and reread it before pushing the SEND button.

I don't agree with many of your decisions as moiderator or all of your 
opinions that you express.   However, I do think that you do us a great 
service by moderating this list and funding it, too.    And I am grateful to 
you for being able to participate in debate here.     I will soon post to 
why I think that people should be marxists, despite all the troubles it 
might seemingly bring.   Though I think that the issues about the negatives 
that people confront regarding marxism and their participation as marxists 
anywhere is worth discussing more.     But not where it appears to be an 
attack on the moderator,  or other liost members.

Best wishes, Tony

Tony Abdo wrote:
    So to reiterate, YES, I do find the list to be a good place "simply to 
exchange ideas".    Now let me do so without threatening me.

If this is so, please do not compare it to Stakhanov in the future. For 
people who are unfamiliar with Soviet history, this was a "model worker" 
during the Stalin era who enjoyed material rewards for working at a 
breakneck pace. Workers were put under pressure to emulate him. In the 
Trotskyist movement, pressure was put on people to sell newspapers in the 
same fashion but with little effect. I can say this from experience as a 
Militant newspaper sales director for many years. We put sales charts on the 
wall with the number of newspapers sold during a sales campaign and most 
shirkers were content to see their name up there with a zero. By contrast, 
open shirkers in the USSR were thrown in prison. Needless to say, none of 
this has anything to do with this listserv. I can barely get people to send 
posts without clipping extraneous text.

Louis Proyect

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