[Marxism] Marx was right?

Alex modernity22 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 00:29:55 MST 2004

When has it ever been the case for anyone's ideas to
warrant blind allegiance?

Marx was a bright man, however I don't have enough
faith in his conclusions to accept the breadth of his
output without question. If one thinks about it, such
a commitment would be impossible due to theoretical
shifts over the course of his writings. Furthermore
philosophy, as embodied in social/political theory,
isn't fashioned for the purpose of establishing
doctrinal codes.       

We become the victims of bad faith when we're
unwilling to abandon or modify notions that are proven
false.        Marx penned the trenchant critique of
capitalism ever concieved; taking this seriously
presupposes a delineation between raising critical
consciousness and sheepherding.

--- Ken Ranney <kranney at rogers.com> wrote:
> Marx, in my opinion, was right to point out the
> exploiting tendencies of 
> capitalism and political implications such as:
> "The capitalist ruling class is that class which
> owns and controls the 
> means of production and which is able, by virtue of
> the economic power thus 
> conferred upon it, to use the state as its
> instrument for the domination of 
> society." Ralph Miliband - THE STATE IN CAPITALIST
> SOCIETY page 23 
> QUARTET  BOOKS,1969. Because Marx was right about
> some things, does that 
> mean that we should blindly follow all of his ideas?
> Ken Ranney
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