[Marxism] Neuroscience: Who's got the PET?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Feb 8 00:52:13 MST 2004

Jeff wrote "Ohhh, no, they already took *Telos* away from me..."

Actually, TELOS survives and you can find it online at
http://telospress.com/telosintro.htm.  For those who don't remember it,
as the rising tide of student radicalism actually threatened to have a
major impact, the ruling class began throwing all sorts of things in its
path.  Publications like TELOS were one of them.  I'm afraid much the
movement reacted rather like my dog when she tries to get into the
garbage and I toss a tennis ball into another room.  After doing this,
those interested in TELOS either went to grad school to study what
nobody else understood or chewed on their own tails.

Whenever someone said something about "the working class" to TELOS guru
at Wash U Paul Piccone, he would snort and point his nose up to God (his
first cousin, evidently) and release a string of impressive sounding
gibberish that persuaded everyone who already believed it that Marx was
right about everything inessential and unimportant, and that only idiots
still thought about the world in class terms.

That Mr. Rubarb would refer to it with any fondness clarifies more about
philosophical underpinnings of his emails than anything he's said thus

Mark L. 


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