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PO, or "Worker Party", as quoted by Lou Pr. in his trip to the 

> The speed of world developments makes it necessary for us to accelerate
> our struggle. The World Congress next April in Buenos Aires should be at
> the center of the conscious preparations of all revolutionaries, both
> inside and outside the framework of the MRFI. The program and the next
> steps towards the International are the more urgent tasks of this
> historical moment in every country and on every continent.
> full: http://www.po.org.ar/english/827art.htm

Oh, yes.

The G7 and IMF are curently waging a wholesale attack on Argentina. 
And the Argentinean president seems fully bent to stand firmly where 
he set the line.  He plays chicken with imperialism, his car runs 
full speed ahead, and he steers without a winkle, while talking about 
Patagonian mutton meat and casually requesting [to the letter] "the 
economists and politicians who brought us here" to please stop 
yelling  "we're going to crash!", and [again, to the letter] "shut up 
and display some shame". At the very moment when his minister of 
Economy travels to Miami, where the G7 is passing a hanging judge 
ruling against Argentina, Kirchner also explains that the creditors 
should sue the banks, not us (this reminds me of a very funny 
Venezuelan saying: "Where's the fault of the stick if the toad jumps 
on it and gets threaded in it" (qué culpa tiene la estaca si el sapo 
salta y se ensarta...))

But of course, I forgot. Ah, yes. Those are "bourgeois" struggles.  
On to something more impressive, then. Something more related to the 
population as a whole. 

For the first time in more than three centuries, Argentina and Brazil 
have coallesced in a new alliance which may become a harbinger of an 
unexpected future. In a display of unexpected political dexterity, 
Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil manoeuvered both in Miami and 
Monterrey to clog the wheels of Bush's FTAA, while they reinforce the 
Mercosur and prepare the ground for Venezuela joining it.  The 
Mercosur establishes an agreement with the Andean countries which 
brings the South American Pacific to shake hands with the Atlantic 
for the first time ever.  Argentina redresses the foreign debt of 
Cuba with us.  Kirchner slyly generates a situation which makes the 
intervention of Marines in our country a nuisance, and the joint 
exercises with these troops are suspended probably for ever.

Ah, yes, maybe you don't have seen the actual conditions of living of 
the working class. Sorry. Let us see what happens at the level of 
economic struggle and the firm.

For the first time in decades, also, the central government begins to 
fine the "privatized" sector. Not only that. They have begun to de-
privatize.   And there is a struggle, that comes more and more to the 
open, between those who want these companies to be re-privatized and 
those who want them to remain in the hands of the state.

No, no, no. Not those issues, those are also bourgeois issues. State 
capitalist, private capitalist, all same bs. Please talk about the 

Yes, certainly.  For the first time in decades, Argentinean workers 
can stop struggling for _the right to be exploited_, and begin to 
struggle against the terms of exploitation. Very slowly, but steadily 
and pereceivably, a surge of industrial recovery has begun, and as a 
consequence there has begun a search for labor, strong enough already 
to push up wages for a few specialties. Unions are beginning to be 
able to dispute working conditions. The infamous Labor code of De La 
Rúa has been declared null, and the Government has preceded the 
sanction of the new one (which is due to take place this year) with 
agreements with the diverse union's centrals.  Yes, I admit: the PO 
specialists in working class issues have not been summoned. But the 
working class doesn't look too worried about that.  And in the end, 
it should be assumed as a recognition that they have more important 
things to do, like preparing for the World Congress...

And what about the unemployed, the mass of the piqueteros?  They have 
been consistently listened to. The government has attempted to arrive 
at agreements with this movement, trying to shoulder away the worst 
representatives of political clientelism in the distribution of 
Govm't benefits, and strongly supporting many of the popular 
initiatives of the different piquetero groups, even those who oppose 
Kirchner.  The movement of recovered plants enjoys full gov'mt 

But, of course, let me see, wait a minute... Ah, yes: "The World 
Congress next April in Buenos Aires should be at the center of the 
conscious preparations of all revolutionaries, both inside and 
outside the framework of the MRFI."

There is a fearful govm't with a petty bourgeois president who, 
slowly but unmistakably, attempts to tear down at least the 
institutional edifice mounted after 1976.  Argentinean workers, for 
the first time in decades, have the opportunity to be overexploited, 
which is something new when the only opportunity that has been 
arising in your life is to be fired.  Govm't officials (_officials_, 
and at the highest levels) are beginning to struggle against the 
privatizations and the idea that after a cleansing away the 
privatized utilities should be re-privatized. The most conservative 
sectors of Peronism, those which express the bourgeois leadership, 
uneasily feel that their power is under constant erosion from the 
Executive they helped to install.  The Radical party, that historical 
monument to endurance, has crumbled in front of our eyes.  Argentina 
changes its international position on Cuba.  There are many other 
issues at stake. 

Good revolutionaries might seek the "center of their conscious 
preparations" in these trifle events, methinks.

Of course, far from my intention to diminish the impressive greatness 
of the Buenos Aires Congress at all.  In fact, when this Great 
Congress takes place, we "national fascists" of the Izquierda 
Nacional are considering to have some of our cdes. to go to its 
Augustean premises and offer them some ride along places in B.A. that 
they will not reach without our guides. It might bring some hard cash 
to our always exhausted vaults.

A much smaller parcel, of course, than the cash which flows into PO 
from Europe.

On these issues, I stand with Vadim Stolz.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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