[Marxism] Walter Mosley, mystery writer

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Sun Feb 8 09:49:45 MST 2004

I have never met an African-American who was surprised by the attack on the
World Trade Center. Blacks do not see America as the great liberator of the
world. Blacks understand how the rest of the world sees us, because we have
also been the victims of American imperialism.

Don't you think most everyone feels marginalized or mistreated in one way or

No. If you went to a party at the Bush house in Texas, most of the people
would not feel marginalized. They would feel they are right at the center of
the world. There are very few black people who think that, and if they do,
they go to the Bush parties, too!
. . .

Are you going to tell me that your idea of happiness is a good morning's

The real question to ask is not are you happy or not happy. The question to
ask is this, How important is happiness?

I knew an artist who broke up with his girlfriend because she said she
wanted to be happy.

I can understand that. I am a political writer. I see a lot of injustice in
the world. I see 5,000 or 10,000 people dying of AIDS in Africa every day --
how can you complain about things when you know that the life span in
Botswana is 32 years old? Life can be really hard, and almost anyone's life
in America is pretty easy.

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