[Marxism] October Surprises

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Sun Feb 8 13:38:56 MST 2004

In addition to the well-known October Surprise in 1980 (see below):
Another one occurred earlier that still has gotten little notice except
in "The Trials of Henry Kissinger" CD featuring Christopher Hitchens
when he had something closer to something approximating a soul.
In 1968, around August/September, Kissinger was known as a "Rockefeller
Man" favoring Rockefeller over Nixon for the republican nomination in
the upcoming election, he held a fairly high-level Dept of Defense
position, was aware of backchannel moves by LBJ to negotiate a
settlement to the Vietnam War which both the Vietnamese and LBJ thought
might be propitious and mutually advantageous for all. Humphrey's poll
numbers were moving upward and very close to Nixon; all were predicting
a close race that was ultimately decided by less than 1% of the popular
According to this CD, Kissinger made some calls to the Nixon camp
telling them about the backchannel negotiations and about the
possibility of a breakthrough before the election. The Nixon gang got
ahold of Madame Clair Chennault who was tight with Nguyen Van Thieu and
told him to stay out of any negotiations and refuse to participate. This
effectively caused any potential negotiations or breakthroughs to be
sabotaged; and the ensuing carnage is a matter of history.
Look for another one coming near you soon.
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