[Marxism] Marx or dialectical /historical materialism

Alex modernity22 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 15:17:37 MST 2004

Onne could if they were willing to navigate the
metaphysics of dialectical materialism, looking to
extract value from the less than so.

There is unquestionably a dialectical tension between
labor and capital; how one interprets that
historically is another matter altogether.

The notion of the contradictions within capitalism
becoming so unbearable to where we inevitably shift to
socialism and/or communism is nonsense. Dialectical
materialism as a teleological truth has run its
course; what remains are valuable nuggets for class

--- "Paul H. Dillon" <illonph at pacbell.net> wrote:
>   Alex,
>   I'm joining this thread very late so I'm not sure
> that this notion hasn't already been floated but I'm
curious to know if you would agree that we can
> separate the question of adherence to the principles
>  of dialectical/historical materialism that Marx and
> Engles developed without raising Marx (and his
prophecies)  to some "pope sitting with tiara" kind of
> authority?
>   Paul
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