[Marxism] FWD from John Graham Defense Committee [Vancouver, BC]

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 15:25:00 MST 2004

Note by Hunter Bear:

Two men were recently charged in the 1975 murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.
The evidence against each is far from being at all convincing.  One, Arlo
Looking Cloud, has just been convicted in a farcical "trial" at Rapid City,
SD.  The other, John Boy Graham, is out on bail at Vancouver, BC and wisely
resisting extradition to the 'States, lest he get the same treatment as Arlo
Looking Glass -- and Leonard Peltier.

I continue to feel strongly that Anna Mae was killed by goons in the employ
of the corrupt tribal chairman at Pine Ridge, Dick Wilson, and his
repressive machine -- against which AIM had mounted the Wounded Knee '73

Dear Hunter,

I am a friend of Bob [E] who is on one of the same e-mail links as
he forwarded me your comment on the Looking Cloud Graham cases and I wanted
to establish direct contact with you.
I am a friend of John Graham's (through mutual friends) and am working hard
with others to defend him which is a monumental task...
any assistance you can be in that would be greatly appreciated
don't know if you read any of the transcripts or heard details of the LC
trial but if it wasn't about people's lives it would be laughable...
stumbling over what people knew - stories changing - many versions etc.
22 witness against
one called for the defense
the land of injustice still...

in solidarity

there are two websites on JG from a positive perspective



I think Leonard's lawyer summarizes it well in his statement posted on the
second site...

Cristina Soto

Doctoral Candidate
School of Resource and Environmental Management
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5A 1S6

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