[Marxism] Re.: Marx as Left of the Marxists

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 8 16:13:28 MST 2004

I just tapped this out to a correspondent about something else, but it
pertains, so [with some tiny changes]:

To add to that thread about the mythical goose-stepping Marxist
Hypnotized Robots:

Much of your reaction must be created by your personal experiences.  My
experience has been different.  That happens: some folks have different

As I interview the remaining veterans from the Thirties and Forties,
from both the Trotskyist and CP sides, as well as “Fellow Travellers”, I
am overwhelmed by the tragedy of their inability to get over their
mutual animosity.  Years ago when I discussed my thesis with Alan Wald,
I mentioned my title: “Mid-Century American Marxist: The Progressive
Education of Leo Huberman”.  I then noticed see that Wald used that
description, too: Mid-Century Marxist.  It fits.  Wald himself is an
excellent example of the ecumenical Marxism I endorse and espouse, as he
has developed over the years.

When I contact my subjects I never say who I am politically.  They often
assume I am a naïf or in their camp.  As I said, I am actually an
ecumenical Marxist.  I privately selected that categorical description
purposefully as ameliorative and aimed at solidarity, not definitive
analysis.  Just make sure to prune away the metaphysical associations.
Anyways, just about every red I’ve interviewed, from Aptheker to
Braverman (Miriam) to Chomsky (red-ish?) to Zinn, as well as the tough,
bare-knuckles NMU seafarers now forever ashore, has been extremely nice,
quite forthcoming, and has devoted much of their life and work
selflessly to the cause.  I find their examples inspirational for me to
rededicate myself to the movement.

In solidarity,

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