[Marxism] numbers and quotes

Stuart Lawrence stuartlawrence at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 16:47:16 MST 2004

MS Word (and perhaps other word processing software) by default uses
"smart quotes," which are not the same characters as regular quotation
marks. Text posted on the Web may use these characters, along with em
dashes. en dashes, and apostrophes that cause similar problems. If
necessary, pasting into a text editor with a search-and-replace function
first will allow global replacement of the special characters with
ordinary quotes and dashes. For Windows, I recommend TextPad


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From: <lshan at bcn.net>

All those numbers are supposed to be single and double quotes. There is
Stripper for the Macintosh and I believe that there still would have
problems had I first pasted the "wilding article" into Word. What I did
simply paste the selections from the article into Outlook Express. I've
often had single quotes translate into 1s even when I have spell checked
Word. Any suggestions.


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