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Interesting story.  On February 14, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell's father-in-law
submitted Bell's patent for "Improvements in Telegraphy" just hours before Elisha
Gray applied for a patent caveat, outlining his idea.

Where is the Weitling story found?

On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 02:22:56PM -0500, Mark Lause wrote:
> The more one looks at these things, the more one realizes how
> questionable personal invention and legal proprietorship is.  The
> socialist tailor Wilhelm Weitling was one of the losers in a series of
> lawsuits over the invention of the sewing machine--Mr. Singer won.
> Processes of vulcanizing rubber were equally contested, with Charles
> Goodyear winning over, among others.  The list could go on until we get
> to Bill Gates and our contemporaries.

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