[Marxism] Not everyone got it wrong on Iraq's weapons

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Sun Feb 8 17:07:51 MST 2004

``We were all wrong,'' David Kay, the Bush administration's former top 
weapons sleuth in Iraq, told members of US Congress after acknowledging 
that there were probably no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


 From Green Left Weekly, August 14, 2002.
IRAQ: US war drive `built on a bed of lies'
BY NORM DIXON. ... One key expert who was excluded from the hearings was 
Scott Ritter,
who as senior UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq until 1998 personally led 
the ...

 From Green Left Weekly, September 18, 2002
COVER STORY: Bush ultimatum brings war closer
BY NORM DIXON. ... On September 13, Scott Ritter — who was senior UNSCOM 
weapons inspector
in Iraq for seven years until 1998 and personally led the inspections ...

 From Green Left Weekly, September 25, 2002.
RAQ: Washington demands war despite inspectors' return
BY NORM DIXON ... Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter and former 
UNSCOM chief from
1991-97, Rolf Ekeus, have confirmed that US spies infiltrated UNSCOM 
with ...

 From Green Left Weekly, October 2, 2002.
COVER STORY: Bush's Iraq war threat based on lies
... Below Green Left Weekly's NORM DIXON sorts the truth from some of 
the lies and ... According
to Scott Ritter, who as head weapons inspector until 1998 led the ...

 From Green Left Weekly, January 15, 2003.
IRAQ: Inspections expose US, British lies
BY ROHAN PEARCE. ... of metal rise from the rubble, rainwater lies in 
craters ... British
Prime Minister Tony Blair's infamous “dossier”, released on September 24 ...

 From Green Left Weekly, February 19, 2003.
BRITAIN: Blair's `deliberate deception' discovered
... BY ROHAN PEARCE. ... [Glen Rangwala's commentary on Blair's latest 
“dossier” is
available from the ... Breaking the Silence: truth and lies in the war 
on terror. ...

 From Green Left Weekly, June 11, 2003.
IRAQ: How Bush, Howard and Blair lied about WMD
BY ROHAN PEARCE. ... The British government's dossier on Iraqi WMD, released
on September 24, was a masterpiece of lies and distortions. ...

 From Green Left Weekly, July 2, 2003.
Weapons of mass deception: Make the liars pay!
BY ROHAN PEARCE. ... Their lies were used to justify a bloody war, and 
what is ... of Mass
Destruction: The Assessment of the British Government dossier, released 
in ...

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