[Marxism] Flaco?

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 8 20:56:38 MST 2004


  Thanks, you make a great anthropological informant.  Really, the nasty
thing to call someone in most of the countries I lived in was "indio", which
of course is perfectly consistent with a class analysis of the history of
those countries.  I wonder about Argentina's since its "indios" were pretty
sparse,  to the best of my knowledge in the lowland areas, kind of like the
western Shosone and neveer really figured as a major source of labor, like
north american indians generally.  Of course, up around Tucuman things get
different, ayyy luna tucumana.

  Of course if you add "de mierda" to anything it's going to sound just a
shitty :)


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