[Marxism] More on the Arlo Looking Cloud "trial" and its wide implications -- from lawyers

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More on the Arlo Looking Cloud "trial" and its wide implications -- from

Note by Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear]:

Here is more than a bit more on the recent "trial" of Arlo Looking Cloud --
and, by implication, the very necessary defense of John Boy Graham starting
with prevention of his extradition from Canada to the 'States.  And, once
again as well, the always critical defense of Leonard Peltier.  Reber, who
forwarded these on and posted them on our Redbadbear list, is a very well
established New Mexico civil liberties lawyer and a quite good friend.  As
I've said a number of times, I certainly feel that Anna Mae was certainly NO
informer for the FBI and that she was a good and brave woman.  I [and
others] have consistently blamed the goons/thugs of Dick Wilson, the
thoroughly corrupt tribal chairman at Pine Ridge, for her 1975 murder.  It
was against Wilson et al. that AIM mounted its 1973 WK protest.  Again, it's
worth noting  that Wilson was backed by Nixon, FBI, and Janklow [SD state
AG].  --  Hunter [Hunter Bear]
Here are a couple of things from knowledgeable lawyers, both written
before the trial ended, both with no discernable effect.

- Reber Boult

 From Terry Gilbert:

I was approached by Vernon Bellecourt and Arlo Looking Cloud's family to
get into this case.They were unhappy with the local lawyer for a number
of reasons, principally because he admitted that his client was present
when Anna Mae's murder took place - and told the press this. There were
few motions and no competency motion ( Arlo was a homeless alcoholic for
over 20 years ) and vulnerable to manipulation by the detective in
Denver who was trying to make this case. I wroter Judge Pearsoll and
offered to be appointed as co-counsel. He refused- stating CJA only
allows one lawyer unless it is a capital case. Bullshit!
Not only is Arlo getting railroaded, but this trial is the final chapter
of Cointelpro, to discredit AIM as a murderous terrorist organization,
and to seal the fate of Leonard Peltier. It is particularly sickening
because our good friend Russell has been working with the Justice
Department on this case - in the hopes of purging Bellecourts, Banks and
others from the leadership and rewrite the history books. For all of the
dedicated activists and the lawyers ( some no longer with us ) who made
major sacrifices for the Indian Movement, this is a stab in the back.
Sadly, it took the Gov 30 years and a new right wing climate, and they
may pull it off. Terry

 From Dennis Roberts to Looking Cloud's lawyer:

    What is that expression, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
    I was Dennis Banks lead counsel for 13 years  starting with the
    inception of the case against Dennis, Kamook (who I assume is
    Darlene Nichols) Russ Redner, and Kenny Loudhawk.  Annie Mae Aquash
    was also a defendant but was murdered before the case got going.

    The common belief expressed by all of the defendants and certainly
    joined in vociferously by Kamook, was that Annie Mae  was murdered
    by the Goons at Pine Ridge.  Dennis had the highest praise, love and
    admiration for Annie Mae.
    I remember the day he learned that the FBI had cut off her hands to
    send them to the FBI lab in D.C.for fingerprinting.
    He almost vomited.  We could not imagine the FBI doing this to a
    white woman.

    I was extremely close to Dennis for the 13 years his case dragged
    through the courts.  He shared with me the most intimate details of
    his life, his involvment with AIM, and other information which a
    client would only share with his lawyer.  It was his strong belief,
    expressed from the first time we discussed it, that Annie Mae was
    murdered by Goons and that he felt the FBI was in some way connected
    to it to make it appear as if AIM was somehow involved.  It makes me
    very sad to see that the Government has now co-opted Kamook for a
    handful of silver.  I guess it's better than beads.

    It is shocking to hear these allegations coming from Kamook who I
    always liked and respected.  I cannot imagine what a miserable turn
    her life must have taken for her to perjure herself in this way.

    If I can be of assistance in any way please advise.   I found you in
    the NACDL directory.   I was a Board of Directors member for 12
    years.  However, Mr. Bachrach's address eludes me so if you could
    forward this to him I'd be most appreciative.  I met Leonard in a
    Canadian prison in 1975 where he lived the life of a captive
    beast.   He was then represented by Don Rosenbloom of Vancouver and
    I needed to speak with him about Dennis' case.   He was extremely
    cooperative and not at all reticent to help a Brother.  If he was in
    some way involved in Annie Mae's death it is time to turn in my Bar
    card as my belilef that I am pretty good at judging people will have
    been destroyed.


    Dennis Roberts

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