[Marxism] Marx as Left of the Marxists

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Sun Feb 8 23:56:35 MST 2004

"Tony Abdo" <gojack10 at hotmail.com> writes:

> To hell with all this though.  The real question is how to create
> today, a revolutionary movement that can actually hold and benefit
> people?  And what people should it hold?  I think that the new
> movement of the 21st century will have to be a synthesis and
> combination coming from the eco, anarcho, and marxist branches of
> anti-capitalist resistance.  Is it really so non-marxist to posit
> this idea?  But I am certainly not alone in doing such.  Even in
> marxist circles.

What is a new movement of the 21st century?  I think it is pompous of
any of us to even talk of such things at this stage.  When you speak
of a eco/anarcho/marxist anti-capitalist synthesis, I see something
quite specific to the U.S. and other imperial cores.  It is also
something which IMO, cannot have any sustained political power,
because none of those elements in the synthesis adequately represent
the concerns of the working, the poor, the indigenous, of the imperial
core, let alone the rest of the globe.  That does not make them
pro-imperialist, it does make them inappropriate as the foundation for
a revolutionary movement in any place but the Academy and the salon.

While I would never try and pronounce statements as "non-marxist" in
the religous sense your rhetorical question suggests, your line of
thought does not jive with my understanding of Marx.  A revolutionary
movement, either in the imperial core, or the remotest regions of the
exploited globe, will not form around an ideological synthesis, even
if it was a Marxist ideology.  Such a movement arises from the ongoing
struggles of the revolutionary classes, their synthesis and

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