[Marxism] Re: Flaco?

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at antares.com.br
Mon Feb 9 05:37:36 MST 2004

In the same way, every Jew is
> a "Russian" and every Armenian or Arab is a "Turk".  As I have
> learnt, the latter is also true for Brazil, particularly for Arabs.

Yes, but in Brazil there was an additional subtlety: an Arab immigrant who
had justly arrived from the Middle East was a "Turk", as in the beginnings
of the XXth. Century they had documents issued by Ottoman authorities.An
Arab immigrant that had begun to fare reasonably good was a "Syrian", and an
Arab who had done excepcionally good was a "Lebanese". Of course such
details are being forgotten now, as Brazil has turned from an immigrant
country into an exporter of illegal aliens, but that's another history...

Carlos Rebello

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