[Marxism] Marx as Left of the Marxists

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 9 06:53:41 MST 2004

Tony Abdo wrote:
> Lou, you continue to take me apart for all the wrong reasons.    I 
> stated that many marxists ACT LIKE storm troopers often, so you take me 
> to task for supposedly saying that many marxists ARE stormtroopers.      
> Then you go into a thing about how dedicated even marxists with the most 
> mistaken polticial lines are, and how hardworking they can be.    No 
> doubt.   And I have seen this with my oine eyes, and I have certainly 
> never said anything to the contrary, or called marxists lazy or 
> undedicated.    So why lecture me in this way?

When was the last time that Marxists violently broke up a meeting? Or 
attacked people because of their race or religion? That's what Storm 
Troopers do. You are horribly confused, it appears. You are confusing 
somebody in a branch meeting browbeating you to go out and sell the 
Militant or increase your dues with ultraright violence. This confusion 
cannot be permitted here.

> And once again you do this in the context of threatening to remove me 
> from the list, and with the repeated comment that I am hostile to 
> marxist theory and marxism.    Why not just let others decide for 
> themselves one way or the other if this is true?    Some will agree with 
> you, and some will not.

No, the task of moderating this list is up to me. I will not allow you 
or anybody else to equate Marxists with Nazis. Jurriaan unsubbed 
yesterday--no doubt realizing that this kind of crude attack is beyond 
the pale of discourse here. Unless you can figure this out for yourself, 
you will be the next to go--involuntarily.

> The issues I have raised about the problems of being a marxist within 
> the context of how marxist groups function oftentimes, is a very real 
> problem that many more Leftists than just I, have had to constantly 
> confront and decide how to deal with.    There is nothing wrong with 
> talking about them in a free and open manner.

You are free to compare American Marxists to storm troopers on Doug 
Henwood's listserv. You'd fit right in.


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