[Marxism] Socialists in the Queensland state elections

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Mon Feb 9 05:04:58 MST 2004

>From Green Left Weekly:
Socialists mobilise for election
During the short Queensland election campaign, the three Socialist
Alliance candidates mobilised more than 100 supporters to take socialism
to the electorate. Adrian Skerritt, candidate for Inala, received 3.1%
of the primary vote, after running a strong campaign against
homelessness and for restoring the stolen wages of Queensland’s
Indigenous workers.

Skerritt told Green Left Weekly, “we ran on meaningful and important
issues, with more time we could have reached a wider audience, but we've
gained experience for the federal election.”

In the seat of South Brisbane, Lynda Hansen polled 2.9%, running on
three key issues: for more public housing, restoration of stolen wages
and making Queensland a nuclear free state.

Hansen stated, “Participating in an election enables us to reach a far
wider audience for socialist ideas, however, unlike the other parties,
we will continue to campaign on our program long after the polling
booths are closed.”

Brisbane Central candidate Coral Wynter, running against Premier Peter
Beattie, got 1.6% of the primary vote. Local Indigenous activist Adrian
McEvoy received 1.4% in the same seat.

All three candidates held protests against the ALP incumbents during the
campaign, protesting the government’s poor record.

This was the first Queensland state election that the Socialist Alliance
has contested. Due to the state’s draconian electoral laws, the alliance
is not registered in Queensland. This meant it was not listed under its
party name on the ballot paper — a significant obstacle.

Wynter pointed out that, in the context of a significant swing towards
the Greens, the Socialist Alliance’s votes “represent a conscious
minority who are willing to record their support for a socialist

“This base of 1500-2000 votes in three seats is a solid base to build on
for future elections — including the March 27 Brisbane City Council
election, and the looming federal poll.

“The activist nature of the Socialist Alliance means that we will be
mobilising our supporters not just as voters, but as participants in the
vital campaigns now under way against war, poverty, injustice and racism
in the coming years.”

>From Green Left Weekly, February 11, 2004. 
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