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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 9 10:56:52 MST 2004

The Paul Krugman interesting book reviews posted by Lou are very 
interesting (NY Review of Books, Volume 51, Number 3 February 26, 2004: 
The Wars of the Texas Succession, By Paul Krugman) but contain at least 
one serious mistatement of fact. The review states,

“In any previous administration—at least any administration of the past 
  seventy years—this sort of incestuous relationship among foreign 
governments, private businesses, and the personal fortunes of people in 
  or close to the US government would have been considered unusual and 
prima facie scandalous.”

Almost exactly the same kind of relationship existed between Bechtel and 
the Reagan administration as now exists between Haliburton and the Bush 
administration (only Bechtel had two cabinet members, Schultz and 
Weinberger, whereas Halliburton has just one Vice President.)

And, one of Halliburton’s direct ancestors, Brown and Root, had a very 
similar relationship to Lyndon Baines Johnson as does Halliburton to 
George W. Bush. In fact, Brown and Root’s relations with LBJ were at the 
heart of his whole political career. Brown and Root’s switch from the 
Democratic Party to the Republican Party in 1968 - after LBJ decided not 
to run, was one of the keys to Nixon’s whole ‘Southern strategy’ - and 
to the electoral strategy of the Republican party to this day.

All the best, Anthony


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