[Marxism] Marx as Left of the Marxists

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 9 13:20:55 MST 2004

I want to clarify something about my comment that some marxists ACT LIKE
stormtroopers.   I could make that same observation about liberals,
religious people, atheists, Republicans, little league coaches, teachers,
priests and nuns, and so on.... as well as to some comrades in marxist 
organizations.    And not too many people would be so literal minded as to 
interpret that as meaning that I am saying that all these differing folk ARE 
actual stormtroopers.

Now, in the last month, I have been told that my manner of raising issues in
regard to theories of economic value, the ins and outs of the Green Party
and its supporters, and now the problem of rank and filers, independent
Leftists, and liberals have with relating to marxist groups and marxism in
general is unacceptable.   I have had to put up with name calling, remarks 
that I am alternatively either an arch reactionary or ultra-Leftist, and 
assertions about my lack of sanity and intelligence, and comments about my 
supposed lack of capability of dealing in a logical manner with data, and so 

At any time, if I had responded in like manner to these posters, I would 
have been thrown off this list in no time flat.    And I have been 
repeatedly threatened with being purged off
the list, even when I did not respond in like style.      There is 
absolutely no valid reason to browbeat people in this manner.   But it is 
being done to me, and unfortunately I have seen it done to others likewise, 
on many different occasions throughout many most varied of Left 
organizations and forums.     It is also done throughout society by other 
political tendencies, and so is not a style or trait unique to marxists 

What is sad to me, is that I actually am a dedicated marxist Leftist.
That's why I post here.    So I post this once again, so that people can be
absolutely sure of where I am coming from, in my own words.     Some
comrades might not like what I have to say, how I say it, or even the issues
I raise.    But I raise them to other marxists, precisely because we are the
group of people most capable of addressing the topics that deal with
anti-capitalism activism.    But comrades of all stripes should be capable
of taking a hard look at themselves and the marxist movement as a whole, 
whether the person who raises these issues be a marxist, or not.     And I 
should not be hounded constantly on HOW I make my commentaries, as I have 
been on each and every issue I try to discuss.    Nor should people like 
Juriann feel like this is not the forum for discussion.

I have seen how hypersensitivity to supposed difference or supposed unjust
criticism of leaders, paralyzes and destroys Left organization.    We all 
have.   It destroys
discussion, and it destroys organization, and it destroys activity.
Enough said for now.    I shouldn't even have to say it.   But I do.

I will continue to try to raise my opinions on this list, and I do so in the 
context fo being a marxist, but one that will free to praise or disparage 
marxism as I will.    A marxism that is unable to take commentary from a 
supporter, is a marxism that will not be able to survive in the sea of 
multiple ideas.    That should be obvious.

Tony Abdo
'I think it would be more accurate to say that you are continuing to write
posts that make me want to drop you from Marxmail. I have to restrain myself
from dropping you right this minute. This is the crux of the matter.'

and to my pedestrian observation that Leniinism was a theory of organization 
that was formed in conditions of war in Czarist Russia and war throughout 
the following period of the Europe of WW2 .   How can one deny such 
obviousness that war was a constant in Russia at that time, and at the time 
when the CPs of Europe led the antifascist Resistance?    Certainly that had 
to be a factor in how Leninism developed and began toi see itself, and not 
just some Rightist concoction, as Lou assserts in order to disparage me as 
being some sort of Right Wing twit.    Talk about twisting one's words into 
unrecognizable knots!

'Obviously this has nothing to do with your caricature, which I should add 
is the standard anti-Communist fiction--that our movement was shaped by the 
"military" model of the Bolshevik party.'

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