[Marxism] Re.: Marx as Left of the Marxists

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 9 14:12:28 MST 2004

I hazard to suggest that this Marxmail list is not limited to
Marxist-Leninists (whatever my leanings), but open to a broad
interpretation of Marx and Marxism/ists.  There have been arguments
coming from all over that arena of debate, as it should be.  This is a
Marxist list.  You shouldn't go into a place and start trashing it, even
if you maintain you "mean it in a good way."   We have discussed before
that we have and need allies in our struggles.  I have written that we
can and have worked with religious people.  But the politics of Marxists
is materialist.  Craig Brozefsky put succinctly when he noted that
ideological doctrinal orthodoxy on the part of the movement, and the
masses, is not required to achieve our goal of revolution, but that is
one Marxist interpretation (however valid in the general sense).  If you
are wondering just what Marxism is, start with Louis Proyect's Marxmail
homepage  http://www.marxmail.org/index.htm
and try clicking on "Frequently Asked Questions."
It has further links, too.  Bon chance!

I consider Jurriaan to be a socialist ally. But he admitted he was not a
Marxist.  There are other arenae et fora, and more very day, on the WWW,
devoted to other proclivities, if you will.  There are anti-War,
anti-Imperialist, anti-Racist, anti-Sexist, and anti-Homophobic sites.
There are Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Radical, Revolutionary, and
Progressive sites.*  Activists there can be our allies, and I hope they
see it the same way, but many of them reject Marxist analysis.  Speaking
for myself, I need a place where I can hash out the issues posed by
Marxist perspectives without having to reinvent the wheel everytime or
defend myself when I introduce a particular Marxist notion. That's why I
joined this list at Lou's invitation so many years ago, and that's why I
remain on it as a participant, through all the squabbles of the past,
and into the struggles we will share ahead — as comrades.

* I checked one and found this:
On this day in 1968: The Orangeburg Massacre...South Carolina highway
patrolmen fired on black SC State students, killed four & wounded 33
when black students protested at a segregated bowling alley — the first
student demonstrators killed by police in the '60s. (Jackson State and
Kent State followed...)
See: http://www.neravt.com/left/


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