[Marxism] E-mail problems

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 9 14:51:54 MST 2004

We seem to be having some technical problems. I was unsubbed myself this 
morning! Actually, you are not unsubbed when a message from Marxmail 
bounces more than 5 times (I believe it is 5). Instead you are switched 
to a 'nomail' option. If you retain your password, which is sent to you 
on the first of each month, you can uncheck 'nomail' yourself. Your 
subscription options are identified at:


But, as I say, you need your password to review and modify them.

Ocean Press wrote:
> DATE: February 10, 2004
> FROM: Ocean Press
> Hullo Marxism list
> I have had e-mail problems at this address - edit at oceanpress.com.au
> and you may have had some mail returned or an error message.
> but it is fixed now. Please ensure my subscription continues
> thanks

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