[Marxism] Re.: Burn & Loot

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 9 14:57:51 MST 2004

Reading notes:

Re. Halliburton did business with Saddam.
And Cheney still wiped him out.
Hey, nothing personal.

Re. asbestos buy-in:
Cheney did not exercise “due diligence”
--keep this term in mind for the near future.

Re. Who needs enemies with friends like this (Redux):
      his longtime friend Stuart Spencer recently described [Cheney],
     with admiration, as “the most Machiavellian fucking thing I’ve ever
That's good?

Re.: Cheney prefers to operate in the shadows:
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Seulement l'éminence grise ...

Re.: Jack Kemp’s undertaking with General Tommy Franks in Kuwait:
Old Boys will be Old Boys.

Re.: “This is how corruption is done these days.  It’s not about
bribes.  You just help your friends to get access.  Cheney doesn’t call
the Defense Department and tell them, ‘Pick Halliburton.’  It’s just
having dinner with the right people.”
This may be how it works in the media, too (See “Now They Tell Us!” by
Michael Massing, The New York Review of Books, Volume 51, Number 3; or
Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman.).

Re.: Tom Korologos, a well-connected Republican lobbyist in Washington,
recently took a temporary assignment as a senior counsellor to Bremer.
Korologos acknowledged that Washington lobbyists are scrambling to
solicit business in Iraq.  “By definition, it’s going to boom, because
of the numbers,” he said. “The question is who’s going to get the
contracts. There’s a lot of money.  Somebody’s got to build the bridges
and roads.”  He added that talk of political influence over the process
was “bullshit.”

My initial thought was:
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive”,
But this ain’t their first time: these guys are pros!

Note also the “fucking 
 bullshit”  —this public rhetoric comes from the
social strata that freaked out when Cuban pilots used the word “cojones”
in a private conversation when they defended Cuba from invasion by the
so-called “Brothers to the Rescue”.  As usual, such as for sabotage in
Soviet Siberia or assassinations in foreign countries, it’s fine if “WE”
do it, but not if they try it.

             The efficacy of HYSTERIA!

Get ready for a re-run of the type of outraged, angry, flag-wrapped
vindication we heard back during the Iran-Contra hearings.  However
phony and contrived, though, the routine works: their sheer vituperation
overwhelms their tentative opponents, as well as their known power —and
vicious vengeance.  All of this will be hurled amidst a barrage of
pettifoggery, obscuration, delays, and claims to national security in
the fearsome face of unspeakable TERRRRRORRRRR!

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