[Marxism] Court grants Cooper stay of execution in Cal.

Alex Gould alexandergould at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 22:28:29 MST 2004

On Tuesday 10 February 2004 00:27, Fred Feldman wrote:

> SAN FRANCISCO -- A condemned murderer whose bid for clemency was
> denied by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger won a stay of execution on
> Monday, hours before he was to be executed.
> The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a request for an
> 11-judge panel to rehear the case of Kevin Cooper, convicted in 1983
> of hacking four people to death.

>The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a stay of 
>execution today for Kevin Cooper just a few hours before 
>he was to be executed in San Quentin. This stay represents 
>a temporary victory to people who are opposed to the racist 
>death penalty and to all of those who are demanding a new 
>trial for Kevin Cooper based on the mountain of evidence 
>indicating his innocence.
>The execution order is good for 24 hours starting 12:01 
>tonight Feb. 10. The stay can be over ruled by the courts 
>at any moment during this time period so we must keep up 
>the pressure by coming out to San Quentin tonight. 
>The state's Attorney General office is weighing its option 
>to appeal the 9th Circuit Court's stay by petitioning the 
>Supreme Court. We need to flood Bill Lockyer Attorney 
>General's office with phone calls, fax, email right now. 
>Send an email message, write a note and fax, and call 
>state Attorney General Bill Lockyer's office and tell him: 
>"I am calling to demand that the Attorney General does not 
>appeal the stay of execution for Kevin Cooper to the 
>Supreme Court. The Kevin Cooper case represents all of the 
>flaws of the death penalty and should not take place."
>bill.lockyer at doj.ca.gov
>We know that it is not the courts who will gain the 
>freedom of Kevin Cooper and the over 600 others on death 
>row in California but the rising tide against the racist 
>death penalty.
>For more information on this development, call 
>International ANSWER at 415-821-6545.
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