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This is material I posted on another forum under the thread subject... Bush 
Behind Haitian Coup

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Here is the Haitian Democracy Project call for demonstration in support of 
coup effort in Haiti. Former Carter official and Clinton official is main 
speaker at this rally.

Noam Chomsky credits the speaker, Lawrence A Pezzullo, as being the Jimmy 
Carter man on the spot who tried to keep elements of the Somoza regime in 
power at the time that the Sandanistas were overthrowing that US backed 
dictator. But a recent Miami paper has him with an editorial comparing 
Aristide with Somoza!   What incredible gall.

Tony Abdo

Project Joins in Sponsoring Demonstration in Washington, D.C. in Sympathy 
with Protesters in Haiti

Date: Friday, January 30, 2004
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place: Front of Haitian embassy, 2311 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Rally Will Finish at Sheridan Circle (one block from the embassy)

Throughout the country, Haitians are demonstrating to denounce President 
Aristide as a despot leading their homeland farther down the path of total 
economic collapse, poverty, corruption and repression. Students, democratic 
activists and average citizens are daily attacked with machetes, guns and 
other weapons by the Haitian National Police (HNP) and pro-Aristide thugs at 
demonstrations demanding an end to Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s regime. At least 
forty-six people have been killed and more than one hundred wounded in the 
violence since December 2003.

The Haiti Solidarity Rally seeks to support the Haitian people with a call 
for an end to violence and human rights abuses perpetrated by the Aristide 
regime and to urge international support for a democratic alternative to the 
current leadership. This will be the first pro-Haiti democracy rally in 
Washington since 1994, when Aristide was returned to Haiti by the United 

Invited speakers include:

Prof. Pierre Paquiot, Rector of the State University of Haiti. Mr. Paquiot’s 
legs were broken by Aristiders during an attack on the university campus 
Dec. 5, 2003. He is currently receiving medical treatment in New Orleans.
Chief Jean-Robert Faveur, former police chief in Haiti, forced to flee the 
country after resisting unlawful palace control and interference in police 
Judge Claudy Gassant, Haitian judge forced to flee the country for 
investigating suspects close to the Aristide regime in the case of slain 
journalist and Aristide critic, Jean Dominique.
Sen. Yrvelt Chery, former Haitian senator from 1995-2001.
Amb. Lawrence A. Pezzullo, U.S. special envoy to Haiti during 1993-94 in 
charge of Clinton administration Haiti policy; negotiator of Governors 
Island accord; founding board member of Haiti Democracy Project. Most senior 
former American official to call for Aristide's departure.

The Haiti Solidarity Rally is co-sponsored by:
Haiti Democracy Project
Haitian American Nationalists for Democracy (HANDS)
League of Overseas Haitian Young Professionals (LIJECH)
Agency for the Development of Haiti.
It is endorsed by:

Coalition in Solidarity with the Haitian People, Miami
Groupe de Reflexion, New York

Transportation: Sheridan Circle is three blocks west of the Dupont Circle 
station on the Red Line. Use Q Street exit. Continue west on Q Street in 
same direction as the escalator for two blocks, bear right on Massachusetts 
Ave., walk one block to circle.
Parking is limited in the Embassy Row area during the day.
Board of Directors
Haiti Democracy Project, 2003-07-06
Haiti Democracy Project web page item #795 (http://www.haitipolicy.org)

Rudolph Boulos
Pharval Laboratories
Vicki Carney
Prof. Henry F. Carey
Georgia State University
Amb. Timothy Carney
U.S. ambassador to Haiti, 1998-99
Clotilde Charlot
Former vice-president, Haitian Association of Voluntary Agencies
Lionel Delatour
Center for Free Enterprise and Democracy (CLED)
Ira Lowenthal
Charles Manus
Amb. Orlando Marville
Chief, OAS electoral mission to Haiti, 2000
James Morrell
Project executive director
Amb. Lawrence Pezzullo
U.S. special envoy for Haiti, 1993-94
Amb. Ernest H. Preeg
U.S. ambassador to Haiti, 1981-83
Organizations listed for identification purposes only

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