[Marxism] Global Dominance / Global Resistance

Michael Briguglio mikebrig at maltanet.net
Tue Feb 10 04:30:38 MST 2004

The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx's Legacy to Humanity (with an introduction by Paula Allman) - Edited by Carmel Vassallo & Clare Thake Vassallo (Malta University Press 2003; ISBN 9909-45-34-09) has been published recently and is available for sale. Anyone interested in Marxism in relation to the social sciences and the arts will surely enjoy reading this book. Contributors include Noel Agius, Rene Camilleri, Peter Mayo, Anthony Spiteri, Stella Borg Barthet, Ivan Callus, Joseph Paul Cassar, Vicki Ann Cremona, Clare and Thake Vassallo. 

I have fifty loose copies of my essay 'Global Dominance / Global Resistance' , which forms part of this book, in official format.

If you would like a copy of this essay, I wil be pleased to send it you. Just let me know.

Michael Briguglio B.A. (Hons.), M.A. 

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