[Marxism] A Henwood-Featherstone-Parenti article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 10 09:14:09 MST 2004

Johannes Schneider wrote:
> No, not this time around. Quite the opposite. For details of my weekend 
> see here:
> http://de.indymedia.org/2004/02/74121.shtml
> and I even did not sell papers there...
> But seriously, I do not see the challenge posed by people like Lula, the 
> IMF's Brazilian darling.

That's because you are looking for Brazil's Lenin, when a proper 
comparison would be with Goulart. The USA has historically intervened to 
smash all reformist challenges to its hegemony in this hemisphere, 
whether it came from Fidel Castro or somebody as tame as Goulart. While 
Lula has continued to carry out the program of fiscal austerity, there 
are other aspects that worry Wall Street and Washington. He has refused 
to back the "war on terror" and has been collaborating with other Latin 
American governments to make Mercosur a reality. I for one believe that 
such a trade agreement would be a step forward for Latin America, 
although I also think that socialism is the permanent solution to the 
hemisphere's poverty.


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