[Marxism] A Henwood-Featherstone-Parenti article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 10 10:16:29 MST 2004

Johannes Schneider wrote:
> But this was back in the good old sixties, when there was still 
> something called the Soviet Bloc. But the times have changed. Today the 
> FMLN in El Salvador his heading for election victory and no one cares.

I have no idea why you would say this. When Daniel Ortega was poised to 
win the last election in Nicaragua, the USA branded him as a terrorist. 
You might think that a reformist FMLN government would be of no interest 
to the USA. My reading of Latin American history tells me otherwise.

> Your initial assertion was that unspecified 'left' Latin American 
> governments substantially challenged 'neoliberalism'. OK, you did not 
> mean Brazil, so who remains?

Kirchner and Chavez. Plus looming populist victories in Ecuador and 
Bolivia. This is not acceptable to the USA. The red-baiting campaign 
against Kirchner, who refused to disavow the Cuban revolution, should be 
noted as well.

> Almost no one backed the Iraq war. Led by Schroeder, Chirac and Putin 
> most governments in the world opposed it (even if Fox News makes you 
> Americans believe something else). This is hardly a sign of opposing 
> 'neoliberalism'.

I was alluding to Cuba, which has been named as part of the axis of 
evil. I apologize if I didn't make that clear enough.

> Actually I doubt this goes much beyond slogans. Here is what economist 
> Claudio Katz writes about the Mercosur as an counter-weight against 
> US-sponsored FTAA:

Can't say that this comes as a big surprise. Katz is a leader of the 
Autonomy and Freedom (Autonomia y Libertad) movement in Argentina, which 
was founded by Luis Zamora, an ex-Morenoite who became converted to 
autonomist-Zapatismo. They've never run into a state anywhere that can 
live up to their satisfaction. Some New Yorkers have the same problem 
when it comes to establishing relationships with the opposite or same sex.


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