[Marxism] The Inhuman Science of Marxism (was: Marx as Left oftheMarxists)

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Tue Feb 10 11:15:51 MST 2004

Tony Abdo wrote:

As an example of this difference, I would bring up my personal situation as 
a marxist parent of a child in the US.     I am not currently faced with the 
same set of problems in raising this kid that either a French communist in 
the Resistance might have faced under Nazi occupation, nor with the 
conditions that say Trotsky faced as a parent (or one of his followers might 
have faced in Russia of either 1915, or in 1935.     I face an enitrely 
different sert of problems and needs than marxist parents faced in the time 
frame of the rise of Leninist theory within the marxist movement as a whole.
Vadim Stolz: I cannot agree more.  There is a constant and underestimated
danger of the ossification of Marxist pedagogy in the form of historical
Marxist cultures.  Actually, I believe, that it is in the field of Marxist
pedagogy, theory, and cultural ctiticism , or what was called in the SU - "the
critique of burgeois ideology" that Western marxists can make a unique
contribution and be of great help to those in the 2nd and 3rd world countries.  
This is because in terms of its intellectual and cultural richness Western
Marxism towers high above the rest of us.  And I have in mind not just the
heritage but the actually existing mass of Marxist intellectuals.  They can
have us immensely in restoring the high marxist culture in the former Soviet
Union.  I also have a son.He is seven years old and asks me to tell him all
about the Cold War.  Well, I must admit that I just do not know how to explain
things like this to a seven-year-old.  And I am horrified, just like Tony,
that I could lose my son to the mass culture of Russian capitalism.  Are there
Marxism for children books?  I doubt so.  Russian marxists cannot produce such
a literature.  They cannot write even the history of new Russian capitalism. 
We lack cultural resources for such tasks.  But I am sure that, given a
certain degree organization and planning, Western marxistsare able to produce
general educational books to educate a new generation.  Left.ru receives
letters from left activists working in different localities, especially in the
province, about the dire need in general introductory literature on
fundamental concepts and ideas of Marxism, a kind of Marxism 101, written in
plain language with modern examples.  Again, we cannot produce this literature
on our own.  But we could translate and publish it if it existed in the West.
 So I believe that the vast intellectual and, generally speaking, cultural
resources of the Western Left remain largely untapped and often wasted in all
kind of sterile and unproductive "civil wars" between themselves.  I can only
say that without being able to tap into this resources there would have been
no left.ru, the most read left internet-weekly in Runet, because the lion
share of our materials are translated works by Western marxists and leftists. 
The latest example is our current issue with the head essay by Louis Proyect
(his review of Ostalgia)which we 'stole' from this list and translated. 
So we need you all very much, our comrades in the West; we benefit greatly
from your intellectual and moral powers, even if sometimes we have political
disagreements.  I just wanted you to know this.  

Vadim Stolz

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