[Marxism] Haiti in the News

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 10 12:49:35 MST 2004

Further to Stan Goff’s observations, we might take a glance at today’s
LA Times report (February 10, 2004):
 Haiti Is Urged to End Revolt
The U.S. calls on Aristide's supporters and foes to halt the deadly
violence as the uprising spreads to a dozen towns and cities.

the U.S. told the Haitian government to respect human rights and urged
it to negotiate a solution
      Why can’t the US direct advice with such urgency to President
Uribe of Colombia?  Perhaps the USA should also be urged to negotiate
with its opposition in Iraq and Afghanistan, too.

If this happened in US-occupied Iraq it would be called terrorism:
    “Inspired by the gang's success, Aristide opponents in St. Marc
seized their city's police station.  More than a dozen officers were
killed in the clashes.”

An opposition leader has no qualms about using the knee-jerk buzzword of
the hour:
"[People]  are tired of the terrorism they've had to endure."
      He won’t tell the media that terror came from his end—the end of
Haitian politics that has stubbournly resisted any progressive change in
the country for its entire history.

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