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Marxism has to find a way to be an organizational movement that helps people 
survive in the hostile capitalist society.  Even when the revolution is not 
eminent.  I am a Marxist and a socialist, principally because Marx predates the 
influence of a fortified 'Leninism' on our movement.



I do not understand Marxism to be an organizational movement as such. Rather 
individuals drift not the standpoint of Marx from various avenues and this 
includes all of us. Leninism is not a coherent body of theory and was not meant 
to be. Rather Lenin's name is connected with insurgency and insurrection. The 
Leninist form of organization began unraveling over fifty years ago under the 
impact of the revolutions in the less industrial developed countries, like 
China for instance. Their "Leninist party" was an army. 

Frederick Engels does an excellent job of describing Marx contributions to 
the development of the science of society. This remains the appeal of the 
standpoint of Karl Marx to this day. 

My more or less prophetic vision of class less society is why I consider 
myself a communist. By classless society is mean a social organization of human 
beings not riveted to property relations or the ownership of socially necessary 
things by which the individual falls under the domination of another. 

Antisocial behavior is antisocial behavior and has very little to do with 
Marxism as such. It is not as if those calling themselves Marxist can be accused 
of the level of child molestation leveled against various leaders in the 
Church. Alcoholism of course predates Marxism by at least several thousand years. 

Nor can Marxist create a social movement or a revolutionary movement as such. 
Revolutionary movements are generated on the basis of changing in the 
material power of production. One may call this reductionist but this remains the 
context in which to view the shifting formations of classes and property 
relations as a society construct. 

Organizations come and go. In my opinion humanity overcomes the force of 
property relations or it perishes. How it overcomes property is the domain of 
doctrine or insurgency on a societal scale and has very little to do with the 
theory of the science of society. Grand historical narrative is Marx vision and 
Leninism was the strategy and tactics of insurgent at a distinct juncture in 

In American history our mistakes our own and cannot be laid at the door step 
of Lenin, Stalin or Trotsky for that matter of Chairman Mao or anyone else. 
Our cardinal political sins has been anarcho syndicalism and various forms of 
Populism.  Not the Leninist form or organization. 

Melvin P. 

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